The main repeater we fund and maintain is the Brisbane D-Star Repeater – VK4RSE-B. This repeater is now ON-AIR.  Repeater TX frequency is 439.800 MHz with a 7 MHz negative offset for RX 432.800 MHz.

You will find the VK4RSE Dashboard HERE.

VK4RSE is by default linked to  REF023

Antenna height is 207m (680 ft) above ground, located on the Aurora Tower in the Brisbane CBD.

Common D-STAR DTMF commands:
Ø = Status
# = Disconnect
** = Reconnect to default connection

DTMF connection command syntax is a leading:
* for REF reflectors
A for XLX reflectors
B for XRF reflectors
D for DCS reflectors

Example: DTMF sequence *23C will connect to REF023 C.

Future Projects

To be advised, stay tuned…


Our Repeaters, associated equipment and ACMA licenses are privately funded.

If you would like to help, please contact us.